Professional Associations

 Columnist for two years with monthly Prime Time, 2000-01, Albuquerque

 Southwest Writers, Inc.

 Albuquerque Press Women

 Dominican Eclestia Institute (DEI)

 Interfaith Hunger Coalition

           Mary has served on numerous Peace and Social Justice groups advocating services for immigrant and homeless families in Albuquerque. She currently volunteers for the two Catholic Worker houses in Albuquerque’s Southeast Heights and the South Valley, endorsing the movement founded by Dorothy Day in the ‘30’s to offer hospitality to the homeless and less fortunate individuals.  Day focused her movement on helping the poor maintain their human dignity. That vision remains a major part of both CW houses to this day.


           She is inspired by the works of Day, Sister Theresa of Calcutta, and mystic writer Thomas Merton.

            Mary has three adult children, nine grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.  She is a member of Holy Family Catholic Church and resides in Albuquerque. Visit her on FB, LinkedIn and web site, www.maryquinalty.com.