Title:  Mountaintop Milagro…a memoir




      Devastated, I drove down the tree-lined boulevard toward my house with the dust-laden, desert wind blowing at gale force as it does here in Albuquerque.


      How would I break my news? My nerves were twisting my insides as I turned into our driveway.  Bryan, my bearded, pipe-smoking companion, would know something was wrong since I was coming home mid-morning.


      I parked and found him in the den, his horn-rimmed glasses sliding down his potato-shaped nose.   “What’s up, Sweetie?”  he asked.





         Mary Quinalty experienced a divine vision that turned her life upside down.  Her unflinching memoir reveals the confusion and challenges she and her soulmate faced, the grace and peace they discovered, and the life-changing ministry they started as a result of her mountaintop experience.

     Watch for more excerpts from her book and photographs from her files.